20 years of the Infamous M-O-B-B

Prodigy and Havoc put in new work in celebration of their debut classic, “The Infamous”. Mobb Deep have been one of the flagship NY groups that have been representing the gritty, grimy, dark, street, icepick-shank music that was the sound of the 90s. Last Week, the infamous duo dropped their first album in about 7 years, appropriately titled “The Infamous Mobb Deep”. Not only does it include new music, but there’s a 2nd disc that contains over 10 songs of unreleased material from “The Infamous”. 

As a hip-hop fiend, I was excited to get my hands on it. I would have been surprised to hear that there was still 2-3 songs that were left from back then, let alone full 14 unheard gems. It is crazy to hear that they got ahold of the official reels 2 decades later. I was greatly impressed with the quality of Mobb’s bonus disc, the songs still maintained a high-quality level while keeping the staticy, cracklin’, low-fi sound that reminds me of the hip-hop gold era esthetic. 

I’m excited to listen to the rest of “The Infamous Mobb Deep” in its entirety. One of the most exciting things about your favorite throwback groups doing music is not only are they a reminder of your childhood, but they stay relevant and grow as you do. It makes a great soundtrack to your everyday life, and that’s the best role music can play in your life.

Peace & Love

– Norman Galang

Twitter: @normgalang / IG: @normangalang


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