Rap Rivalries Within The Westcoast

With the continuing rise of west coast hip-hop, it seems the unity to bring Cali back can only last so long before the sense of competition sets in. Young “Bompton” rapper, YG, recently was on DJ Funk Flex‘s show and spit a freestyle and he rapped some lines that raised questions. YG accused rappers of biting his style.

He spit “I’m talking to two f^ks by the way / “Arrauugh!..Like whaat! By the way”

“Arrauugh” is a popular adlib and catchphrase by Young Money and Last King’s own Tyga. And “Like Whaaat!” is a popular song by LA rapper, Problem.

All three MC’s are from Compton, California and are almost from the same rapper generation. As a west coast rap fan, it is interesting to see if the claims are true. YG has fired shots through twitter calling Tyga’s promo for YG’s first album “fake”, which hasn’t been further explained.

YG in his interviews let it be known that he isn’t feeling Problem by simple not speaking about him when asked. When DJ Self brings up Problem, YG simple responds with “Who?”

I’ve always wondered whenever YG is asked who are the other west coast rappers bubblin’ in Cali, he never mentions Tyga or Problem when they are also clearly making noise. Ever since I heard this freestyle it all makes sense, YG is more than likely subliminally saying these are two of the rappers who are biting his style.

Two other MC’s who I noticed YG never mentions in interviews is Sage The Gemini and Iamsu!, but that could be another story. Do you feel like rappers like Problem and Tyga are stealing YG’s sound? Let me know what you think!!

– Norman Galang


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