YG – “My Krazy Life” releases tomorrow!

Compton or Bompton’s own young spitter, YG will be releasing his debut album “My Krazy Life” tomorrow! If you are like me and couldn’t help it, you already listened to the whole album as soon as it leaked. YG surpassed all my expectations and came with a classic khakis-suit and chuck taylor west coast banger. 



(Courtesy of wikipedia.org)

When YG said “I’m bout to bring the coast back” I should have taken him more seriously. With the help of DJ Mustard, the 24-year old rapper is gonna make the whole world throw their W’s up.

Jeezy said it best, YG is bringing a new age west coast “Chronic” sound. “My Krazy Life” sounds like 1992 gangsta rap but with a millennium touch. Where as 90’s west coast rap was focused more on being the hardest stone cold killa, YG carries that tradition but turns the party up just as much as the heat. I haven’t heard a rapper perfectly mix the gangsta rap while being a party MC since Snoop Dogg.


(Courtesy of XXLmag.com)

YG 400 represents what I would imagine an early kid in his 20’s who grew up gang bangin’ in Los Angeles would be about: coolin’ with the homies, gettin’ at the females, partying at the function, drinking, smoking and representing your neighborhood.

His debut album is the realistic soundtrack to a carefree teenager coming from one of the worst neighborhoods in the country. 

Songs like “Who Do You Love?” featuring Drake and “Left, Right” with DJ Mustard are perfect examples of Cali club bounce music; “Meet the Flockers” depicts YG and his homie Tee Cee executing a home invasion; “BPT” and “Bicken Back Being Bool” reflect on YG’s gang bangin’ past and “Sorry Momma” featuring Ty Dolla $ign on the hook is the guaranteed tear jerking album closer.

After listening to this album I feel like I just spent the whole day in Bompton with YG.

Definitely coppin’ this tomorrow!

– Norman Galang

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