Kanye finally on The Breakfast Club?!?! #YEEZUSONTHEBREAKFASTCLUB

The Breakfast Club. A couple things come to hip-hop heads’ mind when the name gets mentioned, and none of them have to do with Molly Ringwald. Funny, real, mean, nice, informative, conversational are some of the words that race through my mind when I think about that station.

Power 105.1 and The Breakfast Club is everyone’s most loved and hated hip-hop morning show, not only because of the great mixes done by DJ Envy, not only because of the beautiful Angela Yee, but the interview style and honest questions and comments they make. A lot of it is attributed to 1/3rd of the collective, Charlamagne Tha God, who is brutally honest but very valid with his comments. Sometimes they’re so upfront that they get misconstrued as slander. Which I don’t believe it is, I think the media is just so used to coat riding, most interviewers will dodge any question that may be heard as controversial. Even though most of those “hesitant” questions are the ones that 90% of the audience is wondering anyways. I certainly believe that it is not what you say, it is how you say it. As long as you are respectful in the manner which you are asking questions, entertainers or anybody for that matter should respect it. Plus, they don’t have to answer anything if the interviewee does not like to, they can just say pass or next question.

Anyways, back on the subject! Yeezus himself has decided to do a 42 minute and 20 second interview with The Breakfast Club. That’s 42 minutes and 20 seconds longer than I expected! I would have never in a million years thought ‘Ye would be up on there and allow himself to become a target of the quick line of questioning. But, Kanye really proved himself that he really in his own lane, he is comfortable with what he stands for and  is ready to justify any thing he says or does! Which from the outside looking in is A LOT considering that he is scrutinized every time he moves a muscle. (No pun intended with the photo)


(Courtesy of cdn.idolator.com)

In the interview, one of the things Mr. West talks about is doing a new venture with Adidas and speaks on his past deal with Nike and how he received no royalties for the Air Yeezys. Kanye said that Nike couldn’t give him shoe royalties because he isn’t a professional athlete. I’m very surprised that there are still categorical barriers between the celebrities or entertainers that Nike does business with. Just like how consumers look up to athletes as far as what they’re wearing, they do the same for rappers! The sneaker game is no longer a basketball thing, just like how it is no longer a rap thing. It is a fashion thing! There are probably just as many people who are concerned about dressing nice and fly, as people who watch basketball and listen to rap! Kids rock what their favorite athletes are wearing and a lot of the time they are jackin’ what rappers wear. Hip-Hop contributed to the popularity of Air Jordans, there has to be at least one shoe song every two weeks that makes kid think they need to step up their sneaker game.


(Courtesy of highsnobiety.com & bossip.com)

I hope the Kanye West and Adidas collab works out and they come out with a dope product! And P.S., it better not be another 200 plus dollar pair of shoes again.


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– Norman Galang


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