Drake dropping 5 songs before the end of 2013.

OVO and Young Money’s own Drake announced that he will release five new records before 2013 ends. With the year winding down and the best holidays coming up, I personally think it is the perfect time to release music. People will be inside more because of the cold and what’s better than chilling (no pun intended) and listening to the music we love? We also tend to talk to family more during this time and good music becomes the soundtrack to memorable times. Holidays are perfect time markers for the year.


(courtesy of Billboard.com)

Coincidentally, I believe Drake’s non-album leaked songs make for some of his best records. For example “Girls Love Beyonce” featuring James Fauntleroy, “5 a.m. in Toronto”, “Free Spirit” with Rick Ross and “Club Paradise”. All excellent songs that I believe can be better than some of the tracks on his official albums.

According to Vibe magazine, Drake said he will probably release “Trophies” by Hit-Boy which he previewed during a performance along with dropping three or four other songs he hasn’t announced yet. (http://www.vibe.com/article/new-music-alert-drake-plans-drop-five-unreleased-songs-2014)

I really hope Drake finally releases the Wu-Tang Forever (Remix) with the Wu members on it, that’ll be sick. I am also excited to hear the club banger that him and Compton MC, YG recorded. Drizzy has some of the best verses over up-tempo clubby records, like on Migo’s “Versace (Remix)” or “The Motto” featuring Young Money boss-man Lil Wayne and Los Angeles spitter, Tyga.

I’m excited to see what he has for us and happy that he is still down to release free music once in a while. I admire that he isn’t one of those artists who would rather let his or her new solo work be heard only every couple years to promote a new album.

And I think it is safe to say that Drake hasn’t released a terrible song, yet. Keep it up, kid!

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– Norman Galang!


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