Who’s There?? Knock Madness by Hopsin??? Naa, Marcus Hopson, himself.

Waddup y’all? I just wanted to come through and tell all the underground hip-hop heads that the long awaited “Knock Madness” by Hopsin is not only releasing on the 26th, but he decided to upload the album for free-listening here! http://www.youtube.com/user/Hopsintv?feature=watch


(Courtesy of Faygoluvers.net)

Hopsin has been shaking up the underground rap scene ever since he dropped his debut “Gazing At The Moonlight” LP on Ruthless Records in 2009. That doesn’t seem like a long time, but with the amount of promotion and buzz he’s been gaining through those short 5 years, you would have thought he was a veteran with 10 years under his belt.

Now he created his own independent record label called Funk Volume, been signing artists, performing all over the map and now is ready to drop his 3rd long awaited LP, “Knock Madness”.

The growth between this record and his 2nd album “Raw”, is astonishingly dope and interesting. His message is on steroids and continues to present his story-telling-past-experience-learn-from-this flow. This album is pretty much darker and more emotional than his previous one.

He incorporates every side of Hop with sappy down-and-out songs to humorus tongue-in-cheek records to hard hitting “raw” rap bangers.

The concepts on these records are more surprising and original. The most stand out song off the entire 18-song album is “Nollie Tre Flip”, which is a song bragging about his skateboard skills. To my knowledge, nothing in Hip-Hop has this been done before. Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” does not count because, yes it was about skateboarding, but he wasn’t spitting skate skills and using skateboard cultural slang like Hopsin. Even with this song being about shredding skateparks and being an ill skater, he simultaneously proves his MC craft with metaphors and flow that sounds like he is fighting back the head breaking beat.

Amazing song.

Another dynamic of this LP is the topic of females trying to advantage of him along with the cost of fame, which seems to be a occurring theme throughout the album.

The song “Gimme That Money” is about becoming famous and attracting fake friends and old girlfriends with their hands out.

Although this topic is sad with a hint of loneliness, he perfect finds a way to inject humor with the different impressions, quirky beat and infectious chorus. I think this type of song is Hopsin in his element, making fun of his own dark past experiences and turning them into funny records. Like “Baby’s Daddy” off his previous CD.

Through the first listen, the album seems solid. More depressing and moody records on this album than I was expecting, but I believe that’s where Hopsin gains the most fans. No one said the truth was pretty.

Full review of “Knock Madness” coming soon!!!…..

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– Norman Galang


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