“Mustard on the beat” has been the catch phrase or tag line that has been in all the intros of your favorite club bangers!! DJ Mustard has just recently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Management. Dijon “DJ Mustard” McFarlane has been infamously the main contributor to this era’s “turn up” and “ratchet” movement and sound.

Mustard has been blazing not only the streets, but the radio as well with his infectious bay-area sounding club bouncing beats. Despite being from Los Angeles and having his own regional sound, his production has resonated in every region. Almost every rapper from all areas has reached out and got Mustard to bang out a beat either for their single or mixtape.

I personally love the bay-area sound, it captures the West Coast vibe perfectly for me. The difference between the California club sound versus all the other region’s sound is that Cali’s music, more specifically the Northern Cali scene, produces records that are the perfect balance of bounce without being too obnoxious, hype without it being too repetitive and street and grimy without the intimidating violence-provoked energy. It is just plain up-tempo fun. Which to me is what the West West is all about.

In the video above with JAY-Z’s Life+Times, he talks about signing as a solo act to a record label and how he wants to do shows like David Guetta. This is will be very interesting to see because most Hip-Hop producers do not go out of their realm and perform live shows, they usually stay in the production lane.

I believe Mustard has enough talent and energy to pull it off. He has the track record to prove that he knows what the club hoppers want to hear when their drunk with their crew on the weekends, while having enough of those to keep his name consist while maintaining a specific sound and swing flowing in his music that everyone recognizes as soon as you hear “Mustard on the beat, hoe!”

Congrats to DJ Mustard on the signing and I hope much success is on the way!

My Top 4 DJ Mustard produced songs:

2 Chainz – I’m Different

This is the record that proved that he was able to produce catchy infectious club bangers and still keep it minimal without incorporating or using trendy “typical” radio samples or sounds.

B.o.B. Ft. 2 Chainz

The whistling sound in this beat is genius. At first I couldn’t tell this was a Mustard beat which makes it even better, it lets you know he can still make bangers with a different vibe by tweaking it a little.

Kid Ink Ft. Chris Brown – Show Me

I believe this is DJ Mustard’s first cross over r&b borderline club record. And he does it well. Kid Ink is known for delivering free spirit, cali-love, catchy records and Mustard’s beat matches that perfectly. If Mustard can continue to produce more hits like this, he could possibly be one of the biggest producers outside the club scene.

Young Jeezy Ft. 2 Chainz – R.I.P.

This beat is classic mustard. Something about this beat sounds so full and with the help of Jeezy’s raspy and loud voice yellin’ all over the chorus makes this a great record to set off the club.

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……mustard on the beat!!


– Norman Galang


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