Homosexuality and Race in Hip-Hop

A topic that has been currently grasping the Hip-Hop community, as well as myself, is Lord Jamar of the pioneer legendary group, Brand Nubian, stating that white people are “guests” in the house of hip-hop. Jamar said white people can participate in hip-hop, but they can’t redecorate the house without the permission of the “owners”. Jamar believes since black people created hip-hop, they are the ones who allow white rappers to come into the game to make their music, get recognized, but he stated “don’t push it too far.”

In an interview with DJ Vlad of VladTV, Jamar boldy said that homosexuality has no place in hip-hop. He also spoke on the song “Same Love” by Macklemore, who is a caucasian MC. He the first rapper, to my knowledge, to have a pro-gay hit song not only on the internet, but radio as well.

Jamar said “making a song like that, is like feeling that you have the same footing as any other hip-hop artist, and to me you don’t”

He compared white rappers to people who are living in a  foreign country on a visa. They can’t vote on domestic affairs. He said just because white people live in the house of hip-hop, they truly aren’t a part of the core.

Independent underground rapper sensation Hopsin, spoke out against Lord Jamar’s statements and claims his comments are racist and anyone can do whatever they want. Hopsin also said “it’s 2013, racism shouldn’t even be an issue anymore. Like, Hip-hop has evolved, life has evolved, and there are still racist people out there but that’s just so stupid to say.”

(Topic @ 8:04 timemark)

Shady Records’ recording artist Yelawolf, also had similar opinions to Jamar’s statements. The Alabama rapper said that Hip-Hop is music and people can talk about anything they want to and that is the beauty of it all. He also stated that if the song is a hit record, then a lot of people must feel the same way.

(Topic @ 5:33)

I respect Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian to the fullest. They have classic singles and made their mark with timeless music.

But, in my opinion, hip-hop is for anyone. At the end of the day it really is an art form and just like anything else, it is used as a way of expression. I believe as long as you are dope, and you know and respect the culture, then you are allowed in this house of hip-hop.


(courtesy of sacredstitch.com)

Art imitates life and life imitates art. I believe as people evolve, so does the art. As society goes on, there are people who grow to accept things more openly, while there are people who grow to discourage things. For example, a rapper in the 90’s and early 2000’s could have gotten away with using the word “fag” in their raps, but nowadays I believe if a rapper uses such derogatory words, he or she would be under severe scrutiny and criticism. The only rapper that can get away with it is Eminem, but that’s only because he clearly stated in interviews that he does not mean to offend people with that particular word. He was just so used to saying it coming up in the rap battle scene that it was thrown around as slang.

If you still think Slim Shady is homophobic, remember this?


(courtesy of rapradar.com)

Although I disagree with Lord Jamar’s statements, I completely understand and respect his opinion and point of view. His perspectives on subjects and topics concerning hip-hop are very interesting, and I hope VladTV has more interview clips of his that have not yet been released.

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Peace and love, y’all!! And remember, #RapNerdsUnite

– Norman


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