REVOLT: The Revolution will now be televised = New all Music channel?

What’s up guys! I’m back with some very impressive, shocking and interesting news. Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, hip-hop mogul, whatever you would like to call him just launched his new official TV network called “Revolt”. Puffy claims it is the ‘ESPN of music’.

Very exciting! You never ever hear about new networks being aired on TV. So often you hear about new TV shows sprouting up here and there, but never a new fresh network. The last network I can remember that was created was Oprah’s OWN, I believe? Anyways the most interesting thing about this, is like I said it is ran by P. Diddy, a large figure in the Hip-Hop community.

Puff claims this brand new TV network will only be about music. It will be airing new music videos, having panel discussions, feature news, etc. If this network really meet its hype, oh my god…

(Courtesy of

(Courtesy of

I am very excited for it. As a 21-year-old hip-hop head, the only real rap viewing I get is through on-demand media outlets such as YouTube or Worldstar (which can sometimes get boring too). Growing up, researching and combing the internet for rap  since I first got addicted to hip-hop at 15-years-old, it is something that I’ve been looking for without knowing it.

I remember watching YO! MTV Raps clips on YouTube, wishing that I was in that era to be able to turn on the TV and see Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, NaS and 2pac freestyling, having fun and discussing music.

(Courtesy of

(Courtesy of

MTV has been so saturated with reality shows and some game shows (that end up really being reality shows), that you forget that MTV stands for Musical Television. Well I am glad Diddy stepped up to the plate and created his own network strictly for the music and nothing else.

If this network really does blow up and keep its integrity as Diddy claims, it would change hip-hop. Underground and unsigned acts would see recognition probably 4 times quicker than it would take them via the internet. It will be interesting to see how this network goes, if it goes under I will be extremely upset; If it’s consist and not just a gimmicky ploy for greedy corporate suit-and-ties to put their hand in  TV’s “cookie jar” then I would 100% support this channel. Hopefully this network would deliver and keep the tradition that MTV had back then…and also not have too many Ciroc commercials every 2 minutes. Shout out to Puff.

Take that, take that…


(Courtesy of

(Courtesy of

– Norman Galang


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