King Push…This King Push! My Name is My Name in stores NOW!

Terrar aka King Push aka Neighborhood Pusha aka 1 half of the infamous Virginia duo, Clipse, has just dropped his long-awaited debut solo album properly titled “My Name Is My Name”


This album is pure, uncut, raw (pun intended), unfiltered Hip-Hop music from Track 1-12.

The amazing thing about the Virginia rapper’s music is that he never compromises his artistic ability; he understands, acknowledges and respects the Hip-Hop culture and importance to the fullest; he is a lyricist first before anything else; and is the perfect example of it’s not what you do, but how you do it.



King Push’s been rapping for over 10 years and has always rapped about drug trafficking and dealing cocaine, a very common topic ever since Rap was created over 30 years ago. But, Pusha takes it somewhere either the lazy can’t or don’t know how to. Push is able to make something as grimy, filthy or even simplistic as drug dealing and make it lyrically artistic. His writing style is so dense that you forget he was even rapping about drugs in the first place.

For instance:

“I let you into my diary to admire me
The make up of this man, I let you see the higher me
The self-righteous drug dealer dichotomy
I’m drawing from both sides, I am Siamese”

“A birds eye view got me channelling my vision
Turn one to two, now the kilo’s got a sibling”

“Cooked white turn to tan, so the world’s Snooki

School of Hard Knocks, look at where the game took me”

Cleverly digusting lyrics, every real rap fan has to appreciate and the lyrics are synonym to the extremely well done production.

If you’re looking for your next raw fix, pick up Pusha-T’s solo album “My Name Is My Name”

P.S. only Push can successfully put a huge worldwide pop artist like Chris Brown over a dirty but powerful beat and still have it make sense.


– Norman


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