Nothing’s been the same since they dropped “Control” – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar looks like he still hasn’t fully lifted his foot off the rap game’s neck ever since everyone heard his verse on “Control”. Someone had leaked a snippet of K.Dot’s BET Cypher verse and people have been speculating who he is subliminally dissing. I would like to believe it is either Papoose or Drake. Papoose dropped an aggressive response record and Drake publicly let it be known that he wasn’t feeling the infamous “Control” verse.

In the snippet, Kendrick’s first line is “Nothing’s been the same since they dropped Control and tucked the sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes.” I believe “Nothing’s been the same” could be a reference to Drizzy new LP, “Nothing Was The Same.” And everyone who pays attention to hip-hop or at least has been on the internet knows that the canadian Young Money artist is dubbed the “sensitive rapper.”

If Drake takes this as a direct assault I am interested if he’ll put it on wax.

This line could also be a shot at Brooklyn MC, Papoose because although he was not mentioned in “Control”, he was probably the most vocal and against Kendrick’s bars.


A very interesting time in hip-hop! I am patiently waiting to see who else is going to step up to plate and try to take a swing at what Kendrick lyrically pitched to the hip-hop game.




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