Drug dealer Picasso’s

Forensics is still trying to figure out how Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T murdered this beat produced by the infamous Nottz. “Nosetalgia” is the hip-hop’s core and origin compressed in this 3 minute and 49 second music video. Which is quite amazing considering the fact that the genre is over 30 years old and right when people thought hip-hop is too “mainstream” or “pop”, this video comes to give real rap addicts it’s well-deserved fix.

It is remarkable how something so simple can be so unique and intriguing. This video has no bells, no whistles, probably took one shot to complete and is in black-and-white. Just like the song, it features two ruthless lyrically genius rappers who do exactly that, rap! The video consists of cornrow rockin’ Pusha and L.A. fitted, black-and-white wearing K.Dot spitting a verse each over an eerie drum pattern which is haunting but mesmerizing at the same time. I would imagine if the stench of worn-out crack pipes and grimy hallways in the 80’s had made a beat, it would sound like this. I figure this type of production forces MC’s to be lyrically sharp to complement how raw the production is.


“Nosetalgia” is Pusha and Kendrick airing out their crack-cocaine plagued neighborhood memories via dope lyrics. But, the most clever thing about the song is the spelling of the title. Nostalgia = a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Throwing an ‘e’ in the title making it “Nosetalgia” let’s the hip-hop audience know what to exactly expect before they hit that download link. And if you didn’t, you obviously haven’t listened to enough Clipse or Pusha T.

Pusha’s forthcoming album, My Name Is My Name, in stores Oct. 8th.



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