Don’t think about it too much..

Hello Readers! How is everyone? I apologize for not updating my blog, but my classes and family have been consuming all of my time. But, the great thing is I think I picked out my own rhythm to still balance my work and free-time and possibly mixing the two, while still doing my best. 

School was hectic at first, but after realizing it’s still so early into the semester I was able to breathe and this is one particular record that helped me do just that.

Drake just released his third LP, last week called “Nothing Was The Same.” Drake has a huge, huge, HUGE fan base and that’s because he is someone who has mastered all sub-genres of rap. If you are feeling smitten, depressed, excited, victorious, boastful, or anything you can think of, he captures at least two or three songs of each feeling on his  album. Which I think is the reason why he is winning in the rap game and will be relevant at least another decade from now, because he can cater to so many people at one time.


The brilliant thing about super pop musicians is their marketing, which actually helps the music become more appreciated. Not only does it sell more records, but his album release dates help the consumer mark a place and time for the particular music they are selling. From what I remember, every Drake project comes out in the fall, which is back to school time. Because of Drake’s versatility in subject matter, everyone, especially teenagers can relate to his various music topics and live to a whole album as if it their own personal soundtrack. 

And before I go further, the reason I chose to analyze a Drake record is not only is he worldly known but I feel everyone who actual listened to him before would know what I’m saying. Plus, I enjoy breaking down people’s favorite songs and seeing them appreciate the music more like I do.

There is a particular song on “Nothing Was The Same” called “Too Much.” It is about Drake’s anxiety and being overly ambitious about being the greatest artist, while speaking on family issues. The chorus by singer Sampha simply goes “don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too much. There’s no need for us to rush it through.”


Out of the entire project, this song stood out to me. As someone who tends to over-worry and stress about something because I believe it is the best push or fighting mechanism to help achieve my goal; I see that can’t always be the case. Worrying about the finish line stops the joy of the journey, which is the thing I want to remember the most out of everything. Sounds mad cliche and overly dramatic, but the small things I catch my friends, family and even myself tire over isn’t that bad and is not worth getting caught up in. 

“Too Much” is also unique because if the message doesn’t calm or make you reflect, the beat will. It is the perfect mirror instrumentation of the song’s concept. The light pianos and slow mellow claps complements the canadian rapper’s flow and vice versa, which in return highlights what he is saying in the song. Drake showing vulnerability by speaking about his family and his goals is really admirable, but the fact that the chorus comes in between each of Drake’s verses almost feels like the singer is actually speaking to Drake himself. Like an older mentor, relative, or what my people up North say “Old Head” and he is telling Drake “don’t think about it too much” and have faith. The reason why this is my favorite record on the album so far is because people my age tend to be impatient and worry when too much of it can really filter out the good things you already have.

Enough of my nerdy rap ranting, everyone go listen to the record if you would like lol

(unfortunately the best version on YouTube is the live performance of him on Jimmy Fallon)

Hope you enjoyed and PEEAACCEE!


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